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Originally Posted by Cewsbaby View Post
Same here! Im always so tired! With DS #1 I was never tired and could work all day and still be up all night. This time, I am tired from the moment I wake up with him until I actually fall asleep which is very early for me.
This is so me!!

I had about 3 weeks where I felt great. Now I just want to lay around and eat all day long.

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I'm also so tired! I could nap at any given moment if given the opportunity.

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I have been pretty tired lately as well. I was pretty annoyed because I thought second dirt meant loads of energy, but my husband pointed out that it may simply mean a little more than before, but still not enough to run a marathon.

I think if you are busy you are going to end up extra tired while pregnant. I feel more energetic than I did in first tri, but I'm still growing a human. So it makes absolute sense that I get worn down faster. I don't have any other kids, but am working two jobs and doing a Master's degree. Normally, I could keep up that lifestyle without too much trouble, as busy as it is Now while pregnant, if I even miss out on 1 hour of sleep or have an extra long work day, I'm just done, nothing gets done in the house.

Those of you chasing little ones around all day probably deserve an award for being able to keep going!

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