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Localized Pain Anyone??

All day today I've had this pain half way up my back but closer to the side than the middle if that makes sense. It's not painful as such but more tender, sore and almost warm radiating around that particular region. Climbing up and down 2 flights of stairs all day doesn't help it none either and adding that to the pain, I'm breathless and heavy. I don't think it's baby related but given the area, I wonder if it's a possible small kidney stone? I dunno. I've never had issues with my kidneys before but I also know from the Paramedics that your kidneys are not as low as you think - they are actually tucked up close to the bottom of the ribcage in your back. Anyone else?? I should really go see a doctor tomorrow but I'm working in the morning and it's Alexander's 1st birthday so taking time off work tomorrow morning when I only do 4 hours (I am 9am-1pm) or doing it during my son's Birthday just feels selfish. And what I do get with working part-time a week I can not afford to loose as I'm not entitled to sick pay because although I'm permanent, I'm only a casual employee (under NZ law anything under 15 hours is casual). I'm not vomiting or doubled over in pain or anything. Don't get me wrong, it hurts but it doesn't hurt enough for me to want to take pain relief - and even so, if it was a toothache it's got to be pretty bad and I only take Paracetamol so I have a pretty high thresh hold to pain. Ideas?

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It's probably not kidney stones, my husband has had kidney stones twice and it is extreme crying and vomiting pain from what I've witnessed, also his aunty told me it was worse than childbirth. BUT you're right about the placement of your kidneys and it's worth keeping an eye on in case it's a UTI, you might want to get that checked since it's so easily checked and treated. It could also just be muscle/ligament pain, your uterus is getting pretty heavy now and all kinds of relaxing and pulling and stretching is happening.
It wouldn't be selfish at all to go see the doctor on DS's birthday, and he really won't mind a bit! But if you do want to wait it's probably ok to wait till Tuesday if it's not very severe. For me the main pressing thing would be to check it's not a UTI.

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Sounds like you've tweaked your back or pulled a muscle. The pain radiating to the side would be normal for an injured back - back pain tends to be referred and can travel along the dermatome from the actual injury in a one-sided, narrow, lateral pattern. I would just rest up as much as possible for a few days, don't do any heavy lifting. A warm, hot water bottle can help relax the muscles in the area as these tend to tense up around an injury and make the pain worse. If it doesn't go away in a few days you might need to see a physio.

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