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Rolling BH or what?

23 weeks prego here, laid down for bed went to turn over and I had this huge achey pain roll from the center of my chest down to my belly button, pain lasted about 5 mins before I could relax and move. Had no clue what that was about,,, the pain has been lingering since then, almost and hour, and moved to my back and is rolling down my back and abdomen and it feels more like a contraction now than when it was in my chest and I'm worried. I don't know if this is Braxton Hicks or stretching pains or indigestion and I don't want to completely lose my mind yet if it's nothing

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It's fairly impossible to tell what it is from you telling us.. I would say it sounds like a muscle spasm but it's hard to know. Is pain still there? I would have a big drink and a rest and see what happens, if in any doubt call your midwife x

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I agree that it's hard to tell what that could be and it's always safer to call a midwife if you're not sure. Hope you're feeling better now though.

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Sounds like a pulled ligament . But definitely contact your midwife or MAU you're better to get checked out .

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It could be gas trying to go through your system. Trapped gas hurts! I get braxton hicks sometimes and my whole belly feels like it gets hard and is being squeezed. It doesn't really hurt, it's more uncomfortable. This mainly happens if I don't drink enough water. I have had major digestion/gas pains that feel like contractions. They always freak me out and can last a long time.

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