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100mg b6 complex

Hi ladies, hope I'm ok to post here

I had suffered a couple of cycles with a lp of 8 or 9 days and started taking b6 100mg in a complex daily. The first month I got pregnant but i
Mc at 7 w 4d Id cut the tablets down after getting my bfp. Didn't take them next cycle and 9day lp so next cycle started again and got another bfp. I'm 5 weeks now and just wondering how long do I take the b6 for? What have other people done? Is it safe to continue? Is it safe to stop? Just want to do what's best


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I donít know what dosage of it is best, ask your OB they should be able to tell you over the phone. My OB told me to take b6 at 50mg to help with morning sickness and she said that was fine to take the entire time. I think it should be in your prenatal vitamins as well.

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I took 50mg b6 and still taking it now

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