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Terrible lower back pain

25+5 and got the worst lower back pain ever omg!
I had this a lot earlier in this pregnancy but it had been a lot better lately, I'm pretty sure it's nothing urinary because I get uti's quite a lot so I know what they feel like. And baby is kicking so I'm not too worried about her thankfully. But f*ck me!! Has anyone else got this really badly? It's radiating into my hips and my legs feel stiff too.

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I get really bad tailbone pain, I broke it when I was younger and then they figure i slightly dislocated it having my son and it never really healed. If I sit for long periods of time it is absolutely awful, and some days worse than others, plus if I am even the slightest bit dehydrated it is terrible.

You may be experiencing something like that, or you could be experiencing some sciatic pain, which is when your piriformis muscle is tight and "pinches" the nerve that runs down your leg. It can cause extreme pain and stiffness in the back and legs. Massage is really good for this, or hot bath with epsom salts.

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Yup I get this as well! It's the worst at night! My Doctor said heat pads are fine so I stocked up on those. I like to use my snoogle as well and it seems to help.

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