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Has anyone had random sickness at 14 weeks? Please help I have a phobia

I'm 14 weeks I had nausea from the start threw up a couple of times but it stopped at 10 weeks. Last week I was getting nausea mildly from the afternoons then I caught a sinus infection and bad asthma. I felt awfully sick yesterday came in waves of hot sweats and nausea was out and otherwise felt fine. It continued all day I ate dinner incase it was because I hadn't eaten enough. Fell asleep woke at 11ish with burning throat and nausea and was sick once but kept heaving managed to fall asleep but now I'm panicking about it all happening again I just can't cope this is number 4 never been this bad before help

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Talk to your OB/MW and see if they can get you something to help. Dry heaving with burning throat is something I had that was heartburn/acid reflux she told me to take OC meds off a specific list as not all are safe. I also have Morning sickness still, never went away so I am on a bit higher dose of zofran for that. Any of it can come and go at any point. Its possible your coming down with something too so probably best to call in.

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Yep I have nausea and sickness randomly, every day is different! Sometimes all week other times I can go a week with none. Def worse if I'm tired, I find going outside or eating something sour/strong flavours helps.

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I'm emetophobic. Pregnancy is great fun. NOT. I asked doctor for anti sickness and took them for about 16 weeks ish x

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I think everyday is different. I have HG and it's gotten better since 11 weeks, I had 2 weeks vomit free and then yesterday at 14 weeks I woke up at midnight and heaved over the toilet for a while. So weird.

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Also have HG and still get random bouts of nausea. Its not fun but like other posters have said talk to your doctor. If its still bad they might prescribe you something to help. The burning does make me think it might have something to do with acid reflux.

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