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17+5 with third baby and still no movement

I thought I maybe felt baby a couple of weeks ago but Iím sure it was just gas as my digestive system has been awful since being pregnant.

I would have thought by now with my third I would have felt something!

I had an anterior placenta both times previous, so do you think thatís most likely the case again?


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Yup I didn't start feeling things properly till 20 weeks with my second, just the odd flutter before. Now he's booting me all the time!

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I really wouldn't worry, it's still early. You might have anterior placenta again but I didn't and didn't feel movement till 19 weeks really with my second. I know they say it gets earlier with subsequent pregnancies but that's not a hard and fast rule, it's more just a general possibility.
When I was trawling the internet about this kind of thing a couple of months ago, pretty much everywhere said if you get to 20 weeks and still nothing then you can start to wonder what the hell. I'm sure everything's fine. I've also heard that while you may feel movements earlier with second/third/etc, you won't feel them as strongly because everything's stretched and baby has more space to move without jabbing you hard. So it may just be that you haven't noticed it yet.

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I I felt early movement then as my placenta grew and it Is anterior I stopped feeling much movement (or it didn't get stronger etc) until 18-19 weeks . Now it's clear as long as baby moves near the top .

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Hey, I'm 22+3 and I'm still not feeling much movement. It's my first and I have an anterior placenta, and the scan technician told me not to expect too much until 23 weeks even. Still not even sure what I'm feeling is kicking or wind!

I understand it can be a bit different with subsequent pregnancies but you are definitely early to be feeling anything especially if you do have another anterior placenta.

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I wasn't feeling movements with this baby until at least 22-23 weeks and I don't have an anterior placenta.

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I still donít feel any movement at 19 weeks with a 2nd baby and anterior placenta.

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I have a poster is placenta and this is baby number 4 and I am 16w4d and I am not feeling movement. It has been making me so paranoid as with all 3 of my previous pregnancies I felt movement earlier and earlier each time and then this time nothing. The only thing I have to explain the lack of movement is that this baby is super quiet in every scan I have had baby has been asleep or barely moving where as my other 3 were always moving so much it was hard to even get measurements.
It’s nice in one way but unsettling in another as it’s such a nice reminder that they are ok when they move.

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Old Nov 6th, 2017, 14:36 PM   9
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With my 2nd pregnancy I was feeling movement at 12 weeks, so here I am at 14 still waiting with my 3rd. I don't know if I have anterior placenta. I think it will come by 20 weeks and then we'll be getting the kicks in the bladder and ribs for the rest of the pregnancy so try and relax and just enjoy not having the pain of the kicks! Although I do like it when they move too. It's special. But yeah my SIL said maybe it's a blessing in disguise.

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i had anterior placenta with my 1st 2 but now with the 3rd its behind so its not definatly anterior always

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