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lump in breast - referred to hospital


As the title says really. Currently 14+1, moved over from first tri.
I noticed a lump in my right boob. Or maybe a few lumps i cant tell as my boobs are quite swollen from pregnancy anyway. Not sure if it feels like breast tissue or milk ducts, but there is a definite lump that is a bit more obvious than anything else. Its top right side.
I went to the doctors yesterday who examined me and said she couldn't get a really good feel because of my boobs being more swollen than usual, but she definitely thinks that what she is feeling needs further investigation. She also didn't know what happens at the hospital when you are pregnant. So she wants to ring the hospital, find out and then she is going to give me a call back on monday. My guess is the same as a woman who isn't pregnant ultrasound and a possibly biopsy?
She did say it could be a cyst.
I sometimes get an achy feeling in my boob.
I am just not sure what to think, trying not to worry until there is any real reason to.
I am only 29 and i just cannot help but think why something like this now? I have so much to deal with at the moment too. Just hoping it is something simple to do with breast changes and being pregnant.
Has anyone has any similar experiences?

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A couple of years ago I had a lump in one of my boobs, went off to the doctor fully expecting to be told it's a cyst and end up being referred to the breast specialist. I wasn't pregnant at the time but had an ultrasound and was examined by the specialist. I then had a needle aspiration when he'd seen the results of the ultrasound. He just did it there and then in the clinic. As it turned out it was a lump of necrotic fat caused by trauma to my boob. Hopefully it will be something similarly harmless for you but well done for spotting the change even with pregnant boobs and you're definitely doing the right thing getting it checked out.

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Poor you, I can imagine how worried you are. My breasts are certainly very lumpy during pregnancy. I work as a pathologist, so it has been my job to report biopsies and aspirations from breast lumps. There are so many benign causes of breast lumps in young women and especially in pregnancy. I'm sure you will be seen and scanned quickly but please try not to worry in the meantime.

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