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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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new to second tri... random issues

Hi everyone! I am relatively new to second tri...
Third pregnancy, 4th child as i have twins from my fist pregnancy.

I am experiencing some things unlike my other two pregnancies....

bloating that is making my stomach huge!!!! as well as cravings for sweets, ALL THE TIME. not helping the stomach looking big and bloated issue.

emotional!!!! never have been so up and down like this before!! crying, easily offended, just so all over the board emotionally.

fatigue/tired. doesn't help that this time I have 3 toddlers at home, but my goodness i am exhausted. come afternoons, i wish i could sleep for hours!!

anyone else experiencing these things? i thought they would fade out by now... before second tri was the best of the 3 for me. i am 14 weeks, and hoping there will be a shift away from these issues soon.
anyone else due in April?

wishing you all a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancies, ladies!

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Sounds a lot like this pregnancy for me. It is so different from my first. I don't have a lot of bloat now but I did in the beginning. Everything else has been spot on for me.

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I am super bloated all the time lol but that is not much of a change for me...I've started taking a probiotic which has been recommended for pregnancy and trying to see if that helps along with a ton of prunes, kiwifruit and water. And walking/moving.

As for the fatigue, I was still super fatigued around 14 weeks, most of my first tri I needed naps. It eased up by 16 weeks I think.

Hoping all the symptoms ease up a bit for you and you can enjoy the rest of second tri!

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I have been so tired but it's starting to ease up some.
My bloating did go a few weeks ago but it was very uncomfortable. I had no symptoms in other pregnancies.

Looks like we are due the same day!

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I'm still experiencing the tiredness, that's probably my biggest most prominent symptom throughout this trimester. Funnily enough, I work 12.5 HR shifts on a busy trauma ward and I feel less tired there than I do on my days off which is bizzare.

Also, second the emotional state. I'm a mess. Like, a complete mess. Ive cried not once, but twice because I dropped a pan of chips from our air fryer. I made chips instead of mashed potato and I cried about that - there's a lot of potato based failure going on in my life right now. 😂 It's amusing for others at the very least haha!

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Hi hun I am also 14 weeks and this is my third pregnancy, my DS is 6 and my DD is 5 so it's been a while since I was last pregnant, I knew this one could be different as I am 5 years older now, though I am still in my 20s so I didn't expect much difference.. boy was I wrong.

1) cravings - never had major cravings before , DS I had NO cravings, with DD only craved orange squash with ice cubes.. so now craving crisps (snaps to be exact), pot noodles etc I keep getting different cravings which I don't understand in the slightest.

2) nausea - never had nausea in either previous pregnancy, I did have fatigue but it was never this bad.. I never knew so many DIFFERENT smells could offend me.. it was horrible for the first 11 weeks I had non stop nausea (no sickness) which I had never had before so it was quite a nasty shock

3) emotions - crying at youtube.. at criminal minds.. my 1yr old neice smiling at me.. set me off crying, the emotions have only just eased

Your not alone you can get through this

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Yup! Tiredness, emotional and bloated here! I keep thinking I feel like I'm in the last tri already and I'm supposed to be enjoying it at this stage.. def last pregnancy for me 😂

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This is baby number 4 for me and I am the same I am ridiculously tired aaalll the time but I have found that exercise and just started doing yoga today has really helped with that I can tell the days I haven’t been active as I am exhausted. Bloating was ridiculous I looked more pregnant at 8 weeks than I do now at almost 17 weeks lol I am pretty happy it was bloat and not real tummy otherwise I would be huge now. I have a 5,3 and 1.5 year old so I think that adds to my exhaustion but still I was never this tired even with my last and I was really ill through that pregnancy. I hope it eases up for you soon hun but at least you are not the only one feeling like this. I have napped everyday pretty much since like 6 weeks when my 3rd goes down for a nap lol

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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oh my gosh you are all in the same boat as me !!!!!
what is it with these symptoms!!

krissie, i hope my bloat goes down like yours! that will help me feel a lot better about things...

kew, which probiotic? thanks, i hope they ease up! second tri isn't supposed to suck so bad!

vegan, yay same due date!!

storm, ya i feel like if you're still in your 20s, even 5 years later, shouldn't be so different!!

sarah, i totally get the crying at stuff like that!

bonnie, last preggy for me too.... i think!

kirstie, if i can get my 2 year old to nap, i put a movie on for my twins, and off to the other couch i go for my nap!!

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