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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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finding out gender

Hi everyone,

tomorrow night is my ultrasound - 20 weeks and although i'm nervous and hope all goes well and baby is healthy, its also the ultrasound that can possibly tell us the gender but Dh and i are on different thought waves on it. For me its my third and my last bubbs, so i would really like the surprise but Dh really wants to know because he said its a surprise enough it happened since i was told i may not conceive again naturally. a part of me wants to know because i dont think i can wait another 4 - 5 months to find out but at the same time i want the experience of the babay being born and hubby saying its a girl/boy.

has anyone else gone through this? for right now my thought is to have them write it down and i will keep it while we discuss what we want to do because tomorrow is too close

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When I was undecided I wanted to do exactly what you suggested, have them write it down for you and keep it somewhere and then you can wait and have it as a surprise or if you change your mind later go get the paper out and look

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