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I had really bad morning sickness also, it was so bad that I was taking diclectin 5 times a day. I'm 32 weeks now and only take 1 a day sometimes 2 but if I miss it I'll be sick for the whole day. Hopefully it gets better for you.

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I think it may be time for you to get on some stronger meds. I had HG with my third pregnancy, so bad that I couldn’t Even shower. I threw up 10-12 times a day and ended up dehydrated and in hospital for 4 days. When I was admitted to the hospital they really managed my nausea. I was put on diclectin, maxeran and Zofran! With this combo and being followed by a dietician I slowely was able to function. It was the worst time ever. I stayed in bed for an entire 3 months. My severe nausea ended abruptly when I turned 13 weeks and was totally fine for the rest of the pregnancy. I hope you feel better soon, 15 weeks is too long to be feeling that awful. I would really get on your dr’s case or get another opinion you need a different antiemetic such as possibly zofran. Clearly diclectin isn’t working,hope you find relief!! Xx

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Thank you all Will definitely try all your suggestions!

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I second the zofran it’s expensive and it is not ideal while pregnant but it sounds to me like you have hyperemesis not just plain old morning sickness this is my fourth pregnancy of having hyperemesis but I have been lucky this time at 18 weeks it has almost gone where as the others it went in the beginning of third tri then came back at the end. I suffered through with my other pregnancies but with having the 3 and having it it has been much harder this time so I took the zofran and it stopped the vomiting and takes away almost all the nausea it truely is amazing stuff!
I hope you get some relief soon hun and definitely try and work out a way of getting better food into you xx

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