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Old Oct 31st, 2017, 14:37 PM   11
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Congrats ladies! Enjoy third tri! From what I hear it can be a more uncomfortable trimester, but you'll be so much closer to holding your babies! I can't wait to make it there myself!

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Old Oct 31st, 2017, 16:52 PM   12
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I'm so jealous! I'm inching my way towards 20 weeks (Monday) and it feels slow as molasses. Good luck with your 3rd tri!

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Old Nov 2nd, 2017, 21:03 PM   13
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I'm having this feeling now... I'll wake up in the morning and be in my very last week of 2nd tri! Crazy feeling. We still haven't bought anything yet, so I'm feeling so stressed about that! Eep.

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Old Nov 3rd, 2017, 02:04 AM   14
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Don't stress you've still got time! I panic and then I think ok, I've got 3 more paydays before she is here, I'm sure I can rustle up a Moses basket in that time (the one thing we're missing haha)

You'll be fine, you'd be surprised at how you manage to get everything sorted.

I'm stressing more about my hospital bag more than anything, I'm in for a C-section so I won't get the spontaneous labour thing of manicly packing a bag but I stress about the contents and what I need for me and baby 😂

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Old Nov 3rd, 2017, 09:17 AM   15
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I've got next to nothing sorted! Have bought a chest of drawers for his stuff and that's it 😂 Second time around though, By this time last time I was much more organised! But I think you realise how little stuff you actually need in the beginning so I don't feel the rush for it like I did last time. Just need to get some clothes sorted, Muslins, nappies and a crib and that's all we used for the first couple of
Months really!

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