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So Uncomfortable: Headaches, Tired, No Appetite, Congested

Ugh - so this is my 2nd pregnancy. It was a quite the surprise! I have Hashimoto's/hypothyroid, and was managing it well before I conceived. It's hard for me to tell if this pregnancy is harder because I also manage hashimoto's (my first pregnancy I did not have this), or if it's just that this pregnancy is different. I'm super congested, which is on par with the first pregnancy. But I'm about 17 weeks now and I'm tired, usually need a nap in the afternoon. I also get bad tension headaches and sore neck/upper shoulder/upper back. And on top of that I don't even have an appetite, I feel like there's no room in my belly!

I just keep waiting for some relief Anyone else having a crappy second trimester?

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Sorry to hear you're having a tough time
I'm 18 weeks and am finding I get uncomfortable really quickly, and I find myself fancying things to eat but then I feel full up very quickly too!
I hope it gets better for you! I think the lead up to 25 weeks is hardest as it's slow and adapting to all the body changes!
Best wishes! X

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Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. This is my third pregnancy, and by far my most difficult. I'm exhausted all the time, I've had lost of headaches (from being tired, sleeping wrong, or whatever), and I also feel like there's just no room in my belly for food. My husband took my out to Red Robin the other night and I couldn't even finish my burger!

Plus, my nausea hasn't really gone away.

Hang in there, mama. You're not alone.

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This is my second pregnancy and it's definitely more tiring. I think the fact I have more cleaning, more broken sleep and another person relying on me for everything has been a huge factor in it. I've tried to keep going and seeing friends but I'll be honest it's getting hard now. I get neck tension headaches too. I have to click my neck to relieve it although it doesn't always work. It's so hard being a mummy isn't it. Just do what you can and have to do to make things easier for you. Nap if u can xx

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