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Need some help please ladies re preterm labor

So back story I went into labor at 30 weeks with my last pregnancy which they were able to stop and only dilated to a 2 but was put on bed rest then went into labor again at 36w5d which stopped on itís own after an ambulance trip royal flying doctors then ambulance again and I was dilated to 3 then induced at 38 weeks due to placental abruption.

Which brings me now to this pregnancy. I am 18w5d and I have had a really bad cold with a cough and noticed today that my discharge has turned really watery like I can actually feel it coming out. About 2hrs after this started happening I started to feel heavy and pressure in my cervix as well as it being really tender. I checked my cervix which I know I shouldnít but I have used it for years as a way to check for ovulation and avoid ovulation and my cervix is really soft. This was about 6hrs a go and now I am having dull like period pain and slight cramping. This is baby number 4 and never experienced anything this early only when I was in my last few weeks of pregnancy with my others and I didnít even have this with my preterm labor. I am kind of paranoid that I might have incompetent cervix but I just feel silly going in to get checked when it is most likely nothing. It was very hot here today so I am thinking maybe itís dehydration or a uti.

Has anyone had any experience with incompetent cervix and second tri preterm labor?

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Nope Hun, if you're worried call your mw and dr right away! That's what they're there for! If they make you feel stupid then just know there's a thousand women on here who would've done the same for the safety of our babies xx. Call!!

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