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What’s the difference between SPD and pgp then? This sounds like me but have been referred to physio for SPD ?

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Honestly I haven't heard the term PGP here on west coast Canada.

We call it SPD when it's pain in the pubic symphysis and radiating into the groin, hips, legs. Sciatica when it's in the bum cheeks and back of the legs.

PGP is I think more a general term that covers the pubic joint, sciatic joint, or hip joints. So if you had multiple it would be PGP but if it's just the pubic joint it's SPD.

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This just started for me in the last couple weeks. About 24 weeks, i think. (Im almost 26 weeks). My hips and lower back feel like they are being pushed apart. My groin lady bits area feels really swollen (it isnt just that it feels that way). I have a lot of aches and hwavy feeling there. Ibhave been using a maternity support band and that seems to help.

The round ligament pains happen way more often and severely this go around.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Just posted about this in May Marvels. I'm having this. Too much walking and all my pelvis and groin just aches and aches. I hate it so much and I know it's only going to get worse ��

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