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Geebug x
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14 weeks today!

I guess I technically belong in here now!!

I had a real gush of watery something come out of me last night, and now I'm stressing that it is amniotic fluid, and that I'm going to lose the baby. It smelt really sweet, not like usual discharge, but I went to bed and thought nothing else of it.

When I woke up this morning I have a huge amount of discharge (dripped into the loo - Sorry TMI!) but it is milky and 'normal' again.

Should I be worried? I'm tempted to call the midwife but I fear I'm being stupid.

When will the constant terrified feeling stop xxx

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Hey, I'm fourteen weeks today too. Can't belive I'm finally out of first tri.

I am having a lot of discharge at the moment too - mainly milky. I constantly feel damp below which is fairly unpleasant.

I would ring your midwife if you are worried though - I'm sure they won't mind.

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I would give your midwife a quick ring, just to make sure. Then you can get it out of your mind but don't worry your not being stupid!! Unfortunately I still haven't got out of the terrified stage so I'm guessing it won't stop now

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