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I would go with Leo. I really like Leo, it's a cute name as a little one but grows up well. I don't really think Alfie grows up well! I'd go with Leo William! It does flow well!

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Originally Posted by wantingagirl View Post
Originally Posted by WackyMumof2 View Post
Bugger it. Way to go to your hubby - just throw the spanner in the works!

I like both but am leaning more to Alfie than Leo.
I need to make sure it's a good solid not too weird uk name. I've heard a lot that Alfie is too cutesy, I also don't want him to be called Alf or Alfred. Or it's inevitable he would prob be called Alf as a nickname. I'd heard it can be quite outdated when he's over 30 😂
There is a winning way for that. If he legal first name is Alfred, then he can be Alfie while little then as he gets older and is ready to make his own way in the world, he can stick with Alfie, Alf, Fred or Alfred. You've got everything sorted that way. And it's not too weird a UK name either.

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