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How to not worry about 20 week scan?

Thought I was over the worst of the worry, but I've never done this before and our scan is in 6 weeks. I read this article on anencephaly (no brain), and another one about a baby missing a bunch of its organs, and I know all these serious complications are super rare but I'm finding it hard not to worry. We opted out of the NT testing because we're low risk and we would keep the baby either way, plus - did I mention I worry?? Haha

So anyways point is we haven't had a scan since 7 weeks, and although baby sounds great on the doppler I can't fall back on the reassurance of a 12 week scan.

DH and I are both under 30 and healthy, no family history of anything. My poor DH has put up with my worrying since day 1, and I'm trying to ask here instead of bother him with more worrying

Small problems are no big deal - I'm just so afraid of a big dire problem that will be life threatening.

Ugh any help would be awesome

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They lead up to the 20 week scan can definitely be scary. My only suggestion is stay off of Google. Things that you will see and read about other people's experiences are just going to make you panic. There is literally nothing that you can do right now to make the scan anything other than what it will be. All you can do is be hopeful, enjoy the pregnancy as much as you can and take it easy for yourself and your little growing Bub.

Good luck and hang in there!

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Myshel said it perfectly. There really is no way not to worry if you are a worrier. I definitely worried. I admit having a scan at 11 weeks helped because my OB did an anatomy check then as well. However, even wit that reassurance I still worried.

The best thing for me was to stay as busy as I could. On really busy days at work or when I had assignments due for school, I would generally be so focused I would forget to worry. So I recommend finding some ways to keep busy that will occupy your mind enough to keep you distracted from the wait.

Good luck!

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It is difficult not to worry, I think it's only natural. I found distraction was the best thing to help me so that I didn't focus on it too much, although it was always in the back of my mind. I hope everything goes well

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yep definitely keep yourself distracted and off of google.
i did have a problem at my recent 20 week scan, but it is SO RARE, and you will most likely have nothing to worry about. my problem will hopefully resolve on it's own... and if there was an issue at the smallest chance, you would want to know to prepare and plan.
but honestly, it is so unlikely!! my other baby scans were all A-ok!

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I I too was told of an anomaly today.
A problem with babies kidneys.
Nothing can change the outcome at all so just take one day at a time. I was also stressing about the pregnancy and convinced something would happen however I hadn't really contemplated them finding something at the scan as it was my 10th one.

Chances are your baby will be fine (:

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