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I'm sure they'll be able to tell you for sure on Friday but that looks like a girl to me. I had a scan with DD2 at 15 weeks and they were able to tell for sure. At 13 weeks with my DS2 they told me boy with 90% accuracy. At 18 weeks we had it verified that he was indeed a boy

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Old Dec 11th, 2017, 01:50 AM   12
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Don't read too much into the sex at 14 weeks. They told us that we were expecting a girl and at 28 weeks baby was confirmed to be a boy.

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I had private gender scan at 16 weeks .. told girl... then i was so scared it was inaccurate, 18 weeks.. still girl, then my anomoly scan .. 20 weeks - they said 100 percent sure a girl! hopefully she stays... try hold out till 16 weeks x

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I was told boy at 13+4 by a doctor then the same doctor told us at 18 weeks that we are having a girl. We definitely saw 3 little lines. We are back again at 32 weeks for another scan to check position of my placenta, so i will be asking for another look to check xx

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I was told at 13 weeks (NHS scan)
It was 60% a boy

I didn't tell anyone
At 17 weeks private scan said girl
As did nhs at 21weeks.

They say 16+ Weeks

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Old Dec 14th, 2017, 07:34 AM   16
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I found out at exactly 16 weeks with my son that he was a boy was amazed when they said they could tell me, i always assumed you couldn't tell until 20w

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11w but that was genetic testing. It has been confirmed via ultrasound a few different times now

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With my son, the tech looked at 13 weeks and said she was sure he was a boy. He is!

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Thanks for the response ladies! I went Friday and I was 15 weeks and she said 100 percent girl! She said start buying pink. The first girl that did my ultrasound at 13 weeks was right.

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