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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hey ladies,
Just an update I now have bronchitis and Iím on antibiotics again!!
Hope youíre all feeling better soon..

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Booo!! Feel better soon!

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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So sorry. I can relate.
Due to my spine injury, I am in constant pain. I'm 22 weeks but feel like I'm about to drop dead.
I'm on analgesics(transformation) for the whole duration of my pregnancy. I'm so scared for my baby. I'm so scared of hurting my baby.
I'm also hypertensive, taking drugs for that as well. Lord, help me.
I'm cramping severely, can't walk and always stressed.😢
The fear of hurting my baby is making me get panick attacks, but I have to take the appropriate meds to be able to carry the pregnancy. What a tough spot to be in😔.
I'm glad I can talk to all of you. It makes me feel alot better.

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Originally Posted by Loubpop View Post
Hi again!

Allie84 - fab news! I am 18 weeks today and due in May (15th). I have no idea what the Papp-A is? I am in the UK, is it something they do here?

amotherslove - Oh no! That is awful I hope you recover quickly. One thing after another

I am currently freaking out about my heart rate - it was 137 when I went to the drs yesterday!! The dr said it was all due to my anxiety. Unfortunatley I dont believe him and think I am on the verge of a heart attack or horrible infection. I am getting to the point of this being unbearable, but dont want to take medication. I have tried therapy but seems to make me worse. I tried hypnotherapy yesterday and although it helped a bit, all that work was undone once I went to the drs!!
I have awful health anxiety. My resting heart rate is somewhere around 65 and when Iím at the doctor just sitting, itís usually in the 120ís. The anxiety makes it like Iím running a marathon!

I have no advice, but I do have ! Youíre not alone!

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Hang in there ladies We can do this and all will be well.

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