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Does baby's head look stuck?

Had a scan yesterday at 15+5, found out we were having a boy! The whole time he had his face wedged between the uterine wall and the placenta and would not come out - they gave us this picture, does he look stuck? Or is he just cosied up in there? The ultrasound tech said it was fine but it was an elective ultrasound at a little office, so even though she's licensed they don't tell you if anything is wrong.

Kid's got a great spine though, ha

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I think that looks fine. Their heads can't really get 'stuck.' It's all just softy, squishy tissue. It's normal for them not to move much in a scan. All my 20 week scans I've had to get up and walk up and down the steps and drink tea, etc. to get them moving. Once I had to come back a second time because my daughter wasn't moving really at all (and they couldn't get an image they needed). I think it just looks squished because of the angle of the photo. So I wouldn't worry. I think you'll get some better views by 20 weeks.

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The ultrasounds of both of my girls look like their heads were "stuck" lol. It was the placenta that they were resting their heads against. For some reason when I carry girls the placenta grows by their heads... when I carry boys their butts look stuck lol.

P.S. that IS a clear shot of the spine! That's amazing!

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Itís normal my babies have been in funny positions both pregnancies. Face down into the placenta! Looking squished but they arenít, as long as they have enough amniotic fluid they canít be squashed.

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