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Am I the only one?

I haven't felt pregnant at all. I'm now almost 18 weeks. Ultrasounds have showed baby and that he is ok so far. Tell me someone else has been there and everything turned out ok! lol I worry way too much.

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I didn't have any symptoms in my first pregnancy and she was born my biggest baby. She is now in school and has had no problems whatsoever. I also carried her longer than I did my others. In subsequent pregnancies I had bad MS and each of them were born a bit early. Don't worry too much. You don't HAVE to have MS in order to have a healthy baby

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My friend never felt sick etc. She felt great. Think it's rare but certainly not a bad thing lol I felt pretty rubbish for three months x

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You're so lucky! But I know it's hard to trust your body without symptoms to show for it. But honestly, I know women who have had no symptoms at all and healthy babies. I also know for myself, I had terrible ms with my mc up until I passed everything, so the symptoms aren't reassurance of a healthy pregnancy at all. If you've seen healthy baby on scans, go and enjoy your life while pregnant lol!!!

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I'm only 8 weeks but I haven't felt I'll at all. Which is strange as with my boys I have been very I'll

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