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Stabbing pains in cervix

Hi! Iím 16 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby! So blessed to be here... yesterday and today, I have felt sharp stabbing type pains in my cervix/vagina. I also have pelvic pressure but I always have pressure during pregnancy so Iím not worried about that. Is it normal to feel stabbing pains? I see my midwife this week so I will ask her then, but I just want to know if anyone else feels pains like these? Surprisingly I have no Braxton Hicks this time and I usually feel them by now. Iím always a wreck each pregnancy with anxiety, so the sharp pains arenít helping me relax.

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Your cervix is almost constantly changing during pregnancy and that can cause stabbing pains. I get them often during pregnancy.

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I've been getting stabbing pains in my vagina/cervix area since 1st tri. I also had them with my DS who is now 6. My OB said drink more water....I guess that's the solution to everything lol.

PS You should join the June pregnancy group, June Jewels!

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Lightening crotch, it's horrible, I get it too xx

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Yep I’ve has it since 17 weeks. I didn’t get it until much later with my other pregnancies so it freaked me out this time but 25 weeks now and everything is fine

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Yes I get this. Feels like baby is stamping on my cervix.

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