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Am I feeling baby or is this muscle spasms?

Starting a few days ago, after eating something sugary, I laid down to go to bed and felt a spasm like feeling down below near my pubic line. I then put my hand over it and felt it again with my hand. My stomach is not skinny either, so was surprised. Now, since 5 minutes ago i've felt the same. Feels like spasms down below and feels like something is popping up almost then goes away, comes and goes out of my control. I'm sitting up, so not feeling it while only lying down like the other day.

Like I said its been going on for 5 minutes. I always hear it'll feel like flutters, which it doesnt, or popcorn popping..I guess I can compare it to the popping of popcorn. This is my first and I'm 18 weeks so I'm not sure if I'm having muscle spasms randomly once a day or if I'm feeling baby? Thanks in advance!

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My early ones felt like little muscle spasms too, and sometimes still do. I wasn't sure at first either, but looking back it was definitely bub

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This is my first also and I started feeling sth weird at 14 weeks. Everything I read said first time moms will not feel until 20 weeks, but now at 17 weeks baby's kick even can be seen/felt outside. So I definitely think it can be the baby. I think everyone feels it differently, for me it was like a tap or like there is a tiny fish. It was always right above the pubic bone

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That spasm feeling and the popcorn one are how I felt movement earlier on, I think it's baby.

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