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I've had 3 different experiences. Pretty bad ms, vomiting every day until 26 weeks. Next pregnancy was medium nausea with no vomiting, gone at 16 weeks. This pregnancy was so severe I was bed ridden and in hospital for fluids but coping by 14 weeks.

I don't think many feel completely better until 14-16 weeks. A nurse practitioner at the nvp clinic here told me the tiny women (skinny) usually suffer a bit longer, 18-20 weeks normally.

I still have nauseous days at 21 weeks, but totally bearable now.

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I'm 25 weeks and still suffering .mine i have noticed is more so when im tired or I've let my self go to long without eating. Fingers crossed it ends for you soon .

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With my boys, my MS eased almost exactly at 12 weeks. This time it's a girl, and it hasn't really gone away. It's better than it was, but sometimes it just hits and it never goes away 100%. Bleh.

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First baby eased at 10/11 weeks. Second baby was extremely nauseous every day from 5 weeks to a week post delivery (was only sick a few times thankfully). There is medication that can help if it gets too bad to handle...I hope you start feeling better soon!

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