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Dizziness when sitting too long

Has anyone experienced this when sitting for too long? It doesn't happen when I'm standing, only sitting upright. This only happens in a chair, not leaning on a couch - and takes about 40 minutes of sitting without getting up before becoming bothersome. I'll start feeling dizzy/faint, super hot and almost panicky which is super unusual for me.

If I get up and get some fresh air I'm fine again, same if I can just lean back. I mean it's totally avoidable - and has only been a problem a couple of times - as I only ever feel like this when sitting upright, but I'd love to get some insight on why it happens. I'll ask my midwife next week as well but wanted to see if anyone else has this?

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I stand all day for my job so I had the opposite. Your body wants a fine balance of standing and sitting, so usually itís just your cue to get up and get your blood flowing again. I do think it is worth bringing up to your doctor though in case it is something else.

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