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Remedies for SPD?

It is already starting up awful, I'm only 13 weeks and 6 days.
I'm barely able to move, my hips hurt so bad rolling over is awful. My hips constantly pop and crack. It's gotten to the point I don't even roll over in my sleep anymore.

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Sleep with a hard pillow between your thighs, keep your legs together when getting out of bed or a car, put a carrier bag under your bum in the car to help you slide out easier, take small steps instead of big strides, sit on an exercise ball and roll, sit back to front on a kitchen chair if possible and try a pelvic support band.

I had it with both pregnancies, nothing stopped the pain but these all helped make things a bit better, especially sleeping with the hard pillow.

ETA- I got refered to physio too but for me it wasn't much help but definitely try it!

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Oh my sympathies. It's so bloody painful! I've had it since 20 weeks and I'm so glad I'm near the end. I second pillows, between your knees and behind your back. And heat/cold packs too if the pain is bad. But honestly the number one piece of advice is to see an osteopath!! She was so fabulous for me and worked amazingly, I was having to use crutches most days by about 25-28 weeks and she got me off them totally. Had a couple of sessions and honestly it made a huge difference! I was completely pain free but at least 75-80% better. Have been back a few times, around every 3-4 weeks and it has really kept on top of the pain and kept me off crutches for the most part. Seriously, find someone that specialises in SPD and give them a try, so worth the money! X

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