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Bleeding after DTD

Iím 14 weeks tomorrow, sneaking over slightly early. Sorry if this has been asked 100 times and it may be tmi but Iíve read that spotting is quite normal after DTD which I understand, however, last night DH and I DTD and there seemed to be a lot of blood. It didnít last long but there was enough to freak me out. Anyone else had experience of this?

I need to ring the midwife tomorrow to change an apt so might run it past her but as itís bank hol today I thought Iíd ask you lovely ladies first!

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Happened to me several times. DTD was always very painful for me though, even after giving birth. Guess I was in the unlucky bunch whose hormones made dtd painful instead of super pleasurable. But I had short, heavy bleeds (actually some lasted a day or two) after the rare occasions i agreed to have sex and iíd Ring my doctor and get an ultrasound and everything was fine every time. Iím laying next to my little boo right now cuddling

I do always advise to call your doctor (as you have) anytime there is red, active bleeding but itís likely nothing to worry about

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Happened to me twice in my pregnancy with DS. The second time it was very heavy for about a day of bright red. My doctor concluded I must have had a sensitive cervix as there was no reason for a bleed found in the ultrasound.

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Almost definitely your cervix getting irritated and bumped about but any bleeding should be checked out just to be sure. But I wouldn't worry unduly if I were you, I'm sure baby is just fine and oblivious in there

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