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Originally Posted by JWC13 View Post
I've been experiencing pain on my left side for hours and in googling it, it appears to be round ligament pain. The area of the pain matches where RLP would be (according to Dr. google). I experienced it for about 20 minutes earlier today then it went away and then it came back a few hours later and has been hurting for about 2 hours now. I finally gave in and took some Tylenol.

Anyone else experienced this? I know I'm only 12 weeks and normally RLP starts in the second trimester but it seems that it isn't uncommon to start in the first trimester.
I've had rlp since before i had my bfp thats how i knew i was absolutely pregnant!
I have had it on and off since! Sometimes the sharp pain is so intense i am doubled over but it literally lasts a matter of seconds sometimes a minute then it goes. Ive noticed this last week or so I've felt like my muscles are tender in my tummy ao have taken it somewhat easier (as easy as you can eith a 3 yr old boy lol) x

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Yes, had this with my son and my current pregnancy, super early. I sneezed once and was in agony for a minute or two, it can be alarming but so far everything is fine, just our poor bodies being tortured in the name of babies lol. Good luck.

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I've had this too, for about 3 weeks now. I don't recall having it at all with my first pregnancy so I also Googled coz I had no idea what it was! I definitely get it when I move too fast, I don't have a bump yet or really feel pregnant at all so I'm trying to get into the habit of reminding myself I'm pregnant before I do things. It's quite difficult when you don't actually feel pregnant!

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