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Originally Posted by Allie84 View Post
I'm sorry for your previous loss. I would think the NHS would offer free Harmony if you had a previous loss due to chromosomal abnormality? Wouldn't hurt to ask?

And you are right, the risk is really low. Take care.
Itís not available on nhs at our hospital. Itís something theyíre looking into but not got at the moment.

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I think it really depends on your feeling a towards having a child with downs/other chromosomal abnormalities. If you would still carry on the pregnancy then is it worth having the harmony test? If you wouldn't then maybe have the test. Sorry you're having to go through this! X

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Originally Posted by Sarah369 View Post
We got 1:138 risk of DS. The cut off at our hospital is 1:150 so Iím not far off being considered low risk. Iíve decline cvs or amnio as donít want to even have 1% risk of miscarriage on what could well be a perfectly healthy baby.

Iím looking at having the harmony /nipt test as itís non invasive but itís £399 as only available privately. Donít think we can spend that.

Anyone got any stories they can share. Iím aware itís only screening so may well be all fine. But a bit of reassurance would be nice.

Or does anyone know of any specific support groups. Thanks
Don't know if this helps but I remember when I was pregnant with my eldest I had an appointment for the screening. A family member asked me is it really worth being told something MIGHT be wrong with my baby and me spending the rest of my pregnancy being resentful instead of happy? Would it change me loving him regardless?? I decided it wouldn't change a thing and that I would love him regardless so I canceled my appointment. He was born happy and healthy after a stressful 12 hour labour and an emergency section. But I do understand being in your position. Follow your heart and trust your instincts.

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Honestly even though it is considered a "high risk" it is still only a 1 in 130 chance of your baby having it. In other words, less than 1%. If you're willing to care for the child either way then I wouldn't do the Harmony test, otherwise you might just be worrying yourself sick the rest of your pregnancy, and don't pregnant women already have enough to stress about? Just keep an open mind that the baby *could* potentially have DS so be prepared for that, but the likelihood of the baby actually having it is still pretty slim. It is a difficult decision. Lots of hugs to you

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In my experience with ds3 his nt was high which made his downs risk at 1-115 i did opt to have the ninpt which was a simple blood test at 13 weeks which came back at 50% chance so we decided we will wait to see when he was born they was able to test for gender too soo knew from 13 weeks but he is now nearly 3 with no abnormalities so caused too much stress for nothing hopefully its the same for you xx

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