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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I'm glad you got good news, x

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I thought I would tell my story, maybe it can help someone.
When I went for my 12weeks scan with my 5 th baby, my world came tumbling down.
His NT measurement was 4.8mm and by the time we got to the fetal medicine specialist, we were basically told we had 5% chance of having a healthy child.
I did all the scans and agreed to the CVS. The soft markers for DS were fine so there was a big worry of having one of the more serious trisomies, Theo męs incompatible with life.
I was actually more than 13 weeks when I had the CVS done, so they were able to do preliminary tests for trissomy 13,18 and 21, but there was5 enough sample to do more than that.
Those preliminary results came back normal so now we had to worry about all the other chromosomal conditions plus the structural issues that could only be seen at 20weeks.
The longest 6weeks of my life... I decided I couldn’t terminate my pregnancy no matter what, I couldn’t be the one to make that decision although it was offered to me on more than one occasion.
At 18weeks the measurement was still big and still had my dr in tears.
20 weeks scan came along and the fetal medicine specialist could not find one single thing wrong with my baby. As far as she was concerned, structurally he was absolutely fine.
So now we had to waited the last 20weeks.
My baby was born at 41 weeks and when he came into the world he had mommy , daddy and drs in tears. I had an absolutely perfect little boy and no one could find a single thing wrong with him
He is now 2 and a half, he is one of the earliest learners in our house. His teachers keep saying how intelligent he is and how ahead of his peers he is. And I am so happy to have him here.
I had 95% or more chances of having a baby with some incompatible with life condition or serious medical condition, and I had a perfect healthy baby.
Never ever lose hope!
Saying all of this, I am pretty sure your baby is healthy and perfect too in every way. And will make your life so full and happy. Enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy! Xxxl

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Thank you for sharing. xoxo

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