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I was told I was having a boy... and he is a boy, then was told I was having a girl.. she is a girl, now I've been told I'm having a girl (and hoping they are right because of the things I have been buying)

Sorry I am not much help but that's my experience

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At almost 16w and that level of protrusion, itís a boy. At my 12w nt scan the tech said boy but at that point could just be a large or swollen clitoris. I had a private gender scan and brought that up and she showed me several girl ba boy scans at my gestation and went over how they were different and when a penis isnít a penis. But your baby looks all boy to me.

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Thanks everyone, I agree that it seems unlikely it will turn into a girl! My anatomy scan is next Tuesday so should get further confirmation there

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I would be more inclined to trust the sonograoher who had a proper good look (Iím assuming) as opposed to anyone who has just seen a photo. I guess your midwife just wants to make you aware that at that gestation itís not going to be 100% accurate? ...I have very little (none) experience in this but thatís my thought process!

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Agree with pp...Looks all boy!

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I don't think they're allowed to say with 100% accuracy before 20 weeks gestation, just in case. They all say this. When I found out our last baby was a boy, the tech said she'll guarantee 95% accuracy that he was a boy since I was only 14 weeks to be on the safe side. It was obvious to me that it wasn't a girl before she even told me. He was indeed born a boy. I'd say there is no doubt to me that yours is a boy too.

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