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low lying posterior placenta at 20 weeks after previous c-section..

So I had my 20 week scan yesterday at 20 weeks plus 1, she said my placenta is slightly low lying and posterior, in my notes she's put 'placenta is low lying posterior reaching os', I have to go back at 32 weeks for them to re assess, she didn't seem very concerned at said more often than not by that point it has moved up, however, I've had a previous c section 5 years ago and I know after a section it's a lot less likely for it to move, I really wanted a VBAC with this baby, it's really upset me quite a bit to be honest, I'm not quite sure what to make of it. She didn't advise me against exercise, sex etc...

Has anyone else had this or have any advice or just a friendly word for me? x.

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I had a low lying placenta which didn’t move and became placenta previa. My initial midwife didn’t give me any advice and I carried on with my pregnancy as normal. At my34 week midwife appointment i saw a different midwife who flipped out because I hadn’t had consultant appointments or different advice. She tried to rush everything but I started bleeding a week later and had an emsc. I would outright ask your midwife if you should be taking any extra precautions and not wait to be told.

Hopefully it might move though, fingers crossed

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I have got partial placenta previa which I found out at my 20 week scan.

Never had it before, this is our 3rd pregnancy.

They have booked me in for a placenta location scan at 32 weeks and if it hasn't moved I have to have a section. They didn't seem concerned and said 95% of the time the uterus pulls it back as it grows. xx

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I had placenta previa this time around and it had moved by my scan at 32 weeks, it's quite common for it to move so don't worry too much at the
Moment. I'm also a VBaC x

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