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Recent Zika outbreak in Caribbean specifically Dominican?

I'm wondering if anyone here has travelled to any of the Caribbean islands as of late and heard of any recent outbreaks. Everything I find is from the epidemic in 2016. So hard to make an informed decision. I may post this in all trimesters so if you see a repeat I'm sorry...

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I was in Puerto Rico this summer and I got pregnant shortly after. I was pretty nervous as we were meant to abstain for 8 weeks and we didn't, I guess I didn't understand it totally....I thought I just shouldn't get pregnant but we still had unprotected sex (pull out) then I learned Zika is an STD and having sex could give it to DH! Dohh! Anyways I got pregnant 7 weeks after returning...totally unplanned!

SO I researched a lot and from what I can tell it's calmed down a lot since the outbreak. I specifically looked at the CDC for cases in Puerto Rico and there have hardly been any. I don't know if the same stats are online for the DR....maybe someone else will have more info!

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