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No way I would have one unless i absoloutley needed one.

I had the NIPT and was happy with my results from it, if they had suggested amnio based on low risk results I'd have refused.

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No, definitely not. I've not even seen an OB thank god! I'm 37. My pregnancy hasn't been treated any differently this time than my previous pregnancy (when I was 32). The only slight difference was I got offered the GTT if I wanted it because I'm about 10 lbs heavier this time than before. I declined it though as I can't see how 10 lbs makes any difference to me getting GD when my lifestyle is otherwise the same as it was 10 lbs ago. But no, personally I wouldn't have an amnio done even if offered as it wouldn't tell me anything I especially feel like I need to know that I couldn't find out through other investigations. Even if I did flag up as high risk for something, I'd be more comfortable relying on ultrasound scans and other tests than taking the same chance of having a mc with an otherwise healthy baby.

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No way! Sounds like cash over care!

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I’m 37 and almost 26 weeks pregnant. I see the midwives, however the OB who reviewed both my NT and anatomy scans offered me the option of invasive testing for chromosomal abnormalities (amniocentesis or chronic villus sampling) because of my age (but did not push it). I opted to just go by the ultrasound and blood work, given both came out low risk. I would discuss with your OB, but ultimately it’s your body and your baby and you get to make the decision. I had my rainbow at 35 years old and she’s been super healthy. They offer those procedures to “older” moms b/c theoretically there’s a higher risk for certain issues, but plenty of women are having perfectly healthy children in their late 30s and early 40s. I hope you have a healthy rest of pregnancy!

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