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22 weeks irregular heartbeat? Anyone have any experience?

I had my anatomy scan already on the 8th and all was normal, Iím going on 23 weeks now..Has anyone with a home doppler heard an irregular heartbeat and then went on to be ok? When I listen to his heartbeat it pauses or thereís a gap every 4th beat so it sounds like nothing and then starts again and continues. His heart rate isnít low, and heís active so they donít see it as an emergency and I donít have a scan until the 30th. They also heard it at the doctors office on their doppler but once again since heís active, and heart rate isnít low they arenít concerned.

Iíve read this can be normal so to not be worried, anyone have any experience with this? Iím a nervous wreck. Thanks!

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It's very normal for heart rates to go up and down. As they move slightly you could miss it, or you could be getting placenta beat, any number of reasons but really don't worry it is normal. I even saw it myself on a trace last week when I was in. My best advice is put away the Doppler, you will drive yourself crazy with those things xx

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