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For the last few weeks ive been suffering server migraines every day before being pregnant i thought they where bad but was like once a month or once every two months now its so painfull i wanna cry but i kno it hurts more any body got any advise or remedies or any words of wisdom not got an apointment for midwive till the 5th xx

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I kept getting migraines and made an appointment with my doctor/GP. Checked my blood pressure to make sure it wasn't high blood pressure and also my urine and bloods etc, all came back normal so they said it's most likely hormonal migraines which can be very common in pregnancy.

They prescribed me paracetamol combined with codeine which I was reluctant to take but I take them sparingly when I have a migraine and it allows me to function otherwise I'd be bed ridden

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I was having migraines starting at 11/12 weeks. I don't have them as often now but when I brought them up to my doctor, she said that it is very common to have migraines between the first and start of the second trimesters due to hormone fluctuations. Around this time your hormones are starting to settle rather than rise, which can cause frequent headaches. She said only worry if they continue past 20 weeks.

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