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I would stay away from energy drinks as it's not just caffeine that they contain that may effect your pregnancy. Some brands also have guarana and ginseng, etc, things that are not recommended during pregnancy. They are also really high in sugar.

A couple of cups of unsweetened coffee or tea every day are a much better bet if you need a little caffeine boost. I have had 1-2 cups of coffee/tea every day throughout all 3 pregnancies and my kids are absolutely fine. It's the additives in energy drinks that make them more dangerous than a cup of coffee.

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I need to have caffeine every day for TERRIBLE headaches. Today I had tea, some days I have Diet Coke, and I often have to take Tylenol/Paracetomol. :/ But otherwise I really suffer and Doctor said it was okay.

However, my last OB appt I was saying my headaches were getting worse and he suggested an energy drink when needed for headache that won't go away! He said they actually have lower sugar (if you pick the right brand) than soda and he thinks sugar is better than Diet Coke ( I love Diet Coke) plus he thinks the caffeine boost mixed with the added B Vitamins and Taurine can help the headaches?!?!

I have not tried one yet as I'm wary enough. I limit myself to two caffeine drinks a day to stay under the 200 mg limit. I do notice baby kicks me more when I have the caffeine and I feel guilty but it's either that or daily headaches....

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