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Announcement ideas?

I know this has probably been asked 100x on here but since there wasn't many recent threads I thought I'd ask for ideas and maybe a bit of fun This is going to be my fifth baby so I'm running out of ideas for an announcement. Now that I'm in the second trimester I think it is finally time to post. I've used just about everything else in previous pregnancies that I can think of.

For my first baby I just simply posted my pregnancy test in front of a pair of baby shoes.

For the second, I posted my ultrasound picture with "We're expecting again!"

With my third, we posted a video of the kids finding out that they were going to get another sibling and their reactions.

With my fourth, I used a funny that showed DH holding his hand over his face shaking his head while I was downing pizza with a sign that said "Coming (due date)"

Now I need some quirky, funny and creative ideas for baby #5!

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For ours I just posted a picture of a carton of ice cream next to a jar of pickles

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This is our third and we haven't announced yet either. This one will be only 14 months younger than our 2nd so we have been kind of taking our time. Part of me kind of doesn't want to tell anyone and just let it be awkward when I'm really showing haha. I'm sure we will end up doing some sort of announcement though so I will be following for ideas!

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My 5 year old told my family and friends before we got a chance so had to fill in the blanks but when we find out gender where gonna do a gender reveal xx

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