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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Tips on helping low blood pressure?

Hi ladies, so i recently had loads of tests tp check iron levels and sugar b12 etc everything else in a full blood count as i kept feeling really shaky on and off throughout the day. To my surprise they all came back completely normal. So i told my midwife last week and she said my blood pressure is on the lower side which is probably why i feel like that. I was just wondering if anyonr else has or had this and what you did to help it? I've been fine the past few days then i was out for lunch with friends today and it hit me out of nowhere its really unsettling. The mifwife said to me to "take it easy " which is alot easier said than done when you have three very demanding children and a house to run and an OH who has been working away for the past 3 weeks! X

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I found drinking a sugary drink and putting my feet up for 5 minuits help i normally suffer really high blood pressure which sets off some mager migrains and i got advised to take codien and a few mouthfulls of energy drink xx

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Definitely advise eating salty foods. Soup is great for raising bp. Mine is always on the lower side and causes me to feel sluggish too. Btw I also love how they tell you to "take it easy" with other children to care for

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Mine is on the low side too and I get dizzy a lot. My nurse told me the most important thing is to drink, drink, drink and then drink some more! I definitely notice it if Iíve not had enough to drink, so I try and really keep my fluid levels up.

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Compression stockings!

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