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Anyone else feeling a little blue?

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and already so in love with my daughter even though I haven't held her yet. I am as ready as I can be to be a mother but I just have been feeling so down lately I'm not sure what's up.
I eat very healthy, drink enough water and exercise as much as possible (not a lot because I'm a stylist and am on my feet 5 days a week) I don't get it. Is it just me?

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Definitely talk to your DR/Midwife at your next appt. They do a screening for depression getting into the third tri I think? But ask them about it!

That being said, the other night I sobbed like a baby for half an hour because i'm so uncomfortable and can't sleep... I don't feel down but definitely emotional and everything is a bit trying at the moment!!

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I feel that way every once in a while, mostly when I feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities I already have and wonder how I'll deal with another child on top of it. I wouldn't necessarily call it depression - I have had that after a miscarriage before and know the difference - but it does leave me down in the dumps when I feel that way. I would still keep a watch for postpartum depression when you give birth just in case.

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I have it on and off. The thought of having 2 children scares me. It excites me too beyond belief but it is scary especially since my situation isnt exactly the norm. I am really emotional some days and then have some days where I'm in auto pilot and feel dead inside. I think its all just part and parcel of being pregnant it doesnt last but does get me down and makes me feel guilty for not enjoying every second of being pregnant x

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