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Thank you ladies.
I'm waiting for the next scan to see if we can find out the gender (20 weeks). I wasn't interested in knowing, but my DH really wants to find out, and I've figured it would help with the bonding, so I've given in. Maybe then we can think names, and I wont feel so disconnected.
I've started to feel thumps in the evening in bed, but it's sporadic and not yet a pattern, but I am looking forward to proper kicks and rolling.
My main worry right now is that I just wont love this one as much as my first. My DD is my world, I can't imagine having enough love for another.

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Mum (Mom)
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I am pretty sure every second time parent feels that way before the next one comes. I certainly did. My DS1 and I are extremely close and I thought there was no way I had enough love to give my second without taking from my oldest. But love only multiplies, never divides. This baby will fill a place in your heart you never knew existed, just like your oldest did

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