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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Yes!! I have a full length pillow so I can put it between my legs and lay my head on it! I honestly couldn’t sleep with out it. X

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Eleanor ace
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Oh goodness, 100% yes!

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Old Feb 10th, 2018, 16:46 PM   13
Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I didn't have one in my previous pregnancies just used extra pillows, one between my knees and one under my bump, x

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Old Feb 11th, 2018, 14:27 PM   14
Mum (Mom)
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YES! Have him get you the Snoogle! It was a godsend my last pregnancy and so cozy that I never stopped using it. Now enjoying it even more as I get bigger and bigger with our second on the way!

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Old Feb 11th, 2018, 16:05 PM   15
Mum (Mom)
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I just used a straight body pillow. I bought a pregnancy pillow (U shaped) and returned it because I just hated it. The body pillow was so much more comfortable and so much cheaper!

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Old Feb 17th, 2018, 23:02 PM   16
Mum (Mom)
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So I got the Boppy Total Body Pillow yesterday and I'm so far not sure if it's worth $50!!!!! I had the Snoogle last time and loved that it kept me off my back. This one is more a semicolon shape. I am not sure if I just don't know how to use it or what!!!

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