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Originally Posted by mamawanabe21 View Post
With my first, I was adamant it was a boy. I was planning nursery colours/theme, had bought a grey and teal pram, picked out a name....and it was a girl. I cried because I was 100% sure it was a boy, I'd spent the first 21 weeks bonding with her as a boy, but I was wrong.

With this baby, I feel strongly it's a girl, but I also really want a girl. All of my scan pictures had girl guesses. My Mum thinks this one is a boy - she was the only one right about DD, because she guessed girl then.
So naturally, because I feel like it's a girl, I'm placing my bets I'm carrying a boy!

Well, I've found out it's a girl!
I guess my instincts were right this time!

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Yay for your girl and your instinct xx

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