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Strong feeling of gender

I dunno about most people but ive got a really strong feeling this baby is a girl ive got 3 boys and i new they were all boys from pretty early on but this baby where waiting till 20 weeks to find out although babys gender dosent bovar me im gonna be sad if ive believed it to be a girl for so long and i was wrong but oh is pretty convinced its a girl too any bodys motherly instinct been wrong we havent gone shopping till we find out whats gender but im hundred percent sure its not a boy does that make me crazy lol or am i wanting a girl so bad

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With my first, I was adamant it was a boy. I was planning nursery colours/theme, had bought a grey and teal pram, picked out a name....and it was a girl. I cried because I was 100% sure it was a boy, I'd spent the first 21 weeks bonding with her as a boy, but I was wrong.

With this baby, I feel strongly it's a girl, but I also really want a girl. All of my scan pictures had girl guesses. My Mum thinks this one is a boy - she was the only one right about DD, because she guessed girl then.
So naturally, because I feel like it's a girl, I'm placing my bets I'm carrying a boy!

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I was 100% convinced my first was a boy, so convinced I probably would have fallen off the bed in shock if they'd told me he was a girl

This time around I have no real feeling, I sway more towards girl but I don't know if that's because I secretly want one or not so I try and convince myself it's a boy

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My instinct was that my son was going to be a girl. It was all I could imagine.

Then when I fell pregnant with my second I was convinced it was a boy. A brother for my son. I imagined then playing together and being best friends. It was a girl.

This time I really don’t know. We had our 20 week scan yesterday and we didn’t find out...

You have a 50% chance of being right. Maybe your instincts are spot on.

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With my first the second I started getting sick I was convinced it was a girl. I was hoping for a boy but I just knew it was a girl. And I was right.

This time this pregnancy has been so different (barely any sickness, different cravings) that Im so convinced that at least one baby is a boy. But idk if I feel that way becaus I really want a boy or what lol. We find out in a little over 3 weeks

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I believe in maternal instinct. With my first I had nothing to compare her to so I thought she was a boy just because of the old wives tales (had no sickness with her, felt great, didn't break out in acne, etc.) so I was surprised when I found out she was a "she". However in my next pregnancy, I just knew it was going to be a boy because it was the complete polar opposite of her pregnancy... I was sick until 20 weeks, had acne like a school boy, carried all in front, etc. Although I had some sickness with DD2 it was nothing like with my boys so I speculated she was a girl and was correct. For baby #4 I just knew he was a boy even though everyone was telling me I was going to have another girl. So I was correct in 3 out of 4 pregnancies.

The pattern has been girl, boy, girl, boy for us so at first I thought this baby was probably going to be a girl but now that I'm further along, I'm thinking another boy. Morning sickness was just too rough. I just started feeling better literally once I turned 16 weeks. We just found out today we are indeed team

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I felt that my son was a boy as soon as we got a positive pregnancy test. I never even entertained the thought it could be a girl, I even referred to him as ‘baked bean ben’ from the start. This time I’ve felt like it’s a girl from the start, also this pregnancy is completely different, I’ve been really sick, when I wasn’t at all with my son. We have our gender scan on Sat, so we’ll see. It would be nice to have 1 of each, but I wouldn’t be upset either way, still so shocked we were able to get pregnant again x

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