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Changing bag for 2 under 2

As we don't have to buy lots of big ticket items I really want to buy a nice (but not expensive) changing bag, preferably a rucksack, big enough to fit stuff for 2 under 2! DS will be 20.5 months when baby #2 arrives so will still need nappies and the like whenever we go out. With DS I bought a cheap bag which mostly did the trick but there is no chance I can fit his stuff AND all the paraphernalia you need for a newborn in it! Anyone got any suggestions? Definitely less than 100!

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I would be interested to. Mine will be 17 months and newborn

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I used a Pink Lining bag, believe it or not I had the bigger one with my first and the smaller with my second (19 months & newborn) and got about just fine. They are 75 and look lovely! I also think they do rucksacks.

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