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Anxiety about C-Section

I知 going through some pretty bad and unreasonable anxiety about needing an emergency C-section under general anaesthesia. I have a weird but horrible fear of going under for surgery, and thinking that it痴 a possibility when I知 going to have this baby is actually keeping me awake all night.

Can anyone help reassure me that this is not the norm? I知 not even afraid of a regular C-section, just one with GA. There痴 no reason so far that I would need one, I知 just worked up.

And I know it sounds silly but I really don稚 think the 選 had one and it was just fine would help me very much, I think it would just make things worse!!

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I have a friend who suffers from extreme anxiety around several issues, one of them is also surgery, and the fear of a GA. however, her fear of giving birth vaginally was even greater, so she had to opt for c section. She has now had 3. I think she found it most helpful to know exactly what was going to happen, and why. What everything was for, what would happen when etc. Maybe if you read up about that it may help set things straighter in your mind and alleviate some of the anxiety?

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I have a huge fear of c-sections too, mine is for a completely different reason though. I have a serious phobia of needles. I'm ok with blood draw needles because they can use a butterfly and it isn't so bad, however those huge needles they use for IVs hurt like h*** and tbh I have more anxiety about that than I do about giving birth. All my births have been unmedicated, not because of choice so much, but because of the fact that a huge needle plunged into my back scares the crap out of me. It seems silly to most that I'd rather tolerate the pain of contractions than a simple needle poke for an epidural. Those who have braved an epi or a c-section I truly find saints. The only comfort I can offer you is that when the time comes, you won't care one bit about "how" you give birth... you'll only be focused on getting that baby out so the pain will stop. A lot of people subject to emcs just because they can't stand the pain and just want it to end.

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I was SO SO scared of this, mainly C Sections in general but I also share your fear of GA. I am very scared of it. No rational reason.

However, I gave birth vaginally and KNOW I have to have a C-Section this time and it SUCKS but I will have to say the pain of labor is really, really bad and since I just had this pain reminder last week because of my gallbladder (which seemed nearly equal in pain at times, not quite but pretty bad) it really helped me put the C Section in perspective. It reminded at the time I was really prepared for anything (even if they knocked me out) because I was just SO in pain.

In the moment you aren't thinking about anxiety so much, I promise.

Now, I may have the option of GA for this since baby I also had issues with the epidural working and I know they won't do an awake C Section on me if I can feel everything.

And the doctors do this every day all day. Hope that helps a bit???

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I had to have a c section under GA . Was brilliant. Best sleep ever , I was groggy for a few hours but I was fine. Any questions let me know

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Originally Posted by lilmisscaviar View Post
. A lot of people subject to emcs just because they can't stand the pain and just want it to end.
This statement really got my goat - people do not have emergency c sections because they can’t stand the pain and just want it to end. Women have emergency caesareans because there is danger to the health and/or life of the mother or the baby or both. That is why it is called ‘emergency’!!!

I had an emcs with my first and if I hadn’t one or both of us would not be here.

To the PP, c sections under GA are really very, very rare and unlikely to happen to you. Mine wasn’t under GA, so I can’t speak to that, but the thing is, when you’re faced with a threat to your life or your child’s, you just get on with it and you do what you need to do to get them out safely.

I have however had surgery three times in my life under GA and I totally agree with Bordeaux that it was the best sleep ever! You literally go to sleep in seconds and wake up when all the hard work is done. You might feel groggy for a short time, but that’s it. Yes, it would suck to essentially miss the birth of your own baby, but if everyone is walking away from it then job well done.

The best advice is to try not to spend time being anxious over worst case scenarios, instead when thinking of your upcoming labour, think of all the positive things that will happen. You will have your baby and your first cuddle with them and that moment makes up for everything you’ve been through.

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Can you speak to your midwife about this? The general reason for a C-section to be under general is when it's an emergency as administering a general is easier and quicker than a spinal in that situation. My C-section classed as emergency but neither of us were in any danger and I was cam enough and there was plenty of time for a spinal. The best way around the chance of a general may actually be to go for an elective section but that's obviously an extreme solution xx

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