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Braxton Hicks

Hi ladies Iím having constant Braxton Hicks and Iím 27 weeks pregnant is that normal xx

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Have you been particularly active? Or possibly not drinking enough water? I know these things can't cause more frequent Braxton hicks. If you are worried at all you should call for some advice xx

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I'm already getting them and im just coming up 21 weeks. This is 4th baby and each one i get Braxton hicks all throughout the day and never caused any problems. Obviously if you are anxious just call your maternity ward x

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I had BH from about 25 weeks in my previous two pregnancies. Although I did go into premature labor with my fourth baby (due to polyhydramnios which also gave me more BH than the average healthy pregnancy) I carried my third until 39 weeks so it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll go into premature labor. However that doesn't mean it is impossible either. Just keep an eye on the clock. If you notice that you're getting more than three an hour, drink a glass of water and rest as much as you can. If that doesn't work, drink another glass. If you're still getting them after that, or if they become more frequent, definitely call your midwife/doctor.

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I'm 25 weeks today and just starting to really notice them. I was REEEEALLLY active today (IKEA trip ) and also had an upset tummy, so I was freaked out for a few hours. I seem to be normal now. I drank water and laid on my left side. I'm about to go to bed. I THINK it's normal to get BH from this point onwards......????

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