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Stopping progesterone

When did you doctor have you stop taking it? Thanks

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My doctor told me anywhere between 12 and 14 weeks was okay to stop taking progesterone. I chose to go the whole 14 weeks, though, just in case, because really the placenta might not be fully developed enough to produce its own progesterone until then.

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Depends on the clinic. I've been to three, and each had a different time, from 10 weeks to 13.

I just weaned off from this one, ending about 11+5 (I didn't want to refill the crinone if I wasn't going to use most of it, that's expensive!) and I've been fine.

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My doc said 12 weeks but i slowly weaned to 14 weeks.

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12 weeks - cold turkey. I’m 15 weeks and all is well!

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My clinic starts weaning as early as 8 weeks. I was 9 weeks when I weaned off over a week so by 10 weeks no meds.

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I usually take it til I'm done with that prescription but I'm on the oral form.

With my two oldest, I stopped cold turkey when I ran out and I was between 12-13 weeks when that happened.

With my two youngest, I was on a higher dose of progesterone so I weaned off of it starting mid-13th week and was fully done with it by 15 weeks. But my doctor has always said I can stop it anytime after 12 weeks.

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