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Pregnancy support belt?

Anyone use one?

I have a bad back at the best of times, let alone whilst pregnant. At only 17 weeks pregnant, my lower back is already suffering greatly and my sciatica is giving me problems. Do you think a pregnancy support belt would help?

Thanks x

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Yes i was on bed rest as the pain in my hip and pelvic was so bad but i was prescribed a support belt plus like a bandage tube that was amazing it helped alot currently at a stage where im humming about g3tting another one xx

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I had one but it only helped me while I was standing/walking. I'd have to take it off when I sat down or it was too bulky and just felt in the way. It helped some but if your pain gets too bad, I'd highly recommend seeing a chiropractor. They work wonders at helping back pain during pregnancy.

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I had an acupuncture appt this week and mentioned my back pain when I wake up and she suggested a pregnancy support belt. I just ordered it online yesterday so anxious to get it and hoping it helps. It isn't too bad now but know it may get worse.

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